MARG Swarnabhoomi, with its knowledge cluster architecture of networking and sharing of knowledge among universities, research institutes, and firms, gives education institutes a unique and enriching opportunity to collaborate with research and innovation firms and play an active part in value creation.

Education is the fundamental building block of MARG Swarnabhoomi ecosystem. For this purpose, infrastructure and association are being created to cater right from elementary to higher education. And the educational institutes collaborating from India and abroad will empower MARG Swarnabhoomi as the intellectual capital with thriving high-quality human resource.


Ensuring that the foundation of a bright future is laid, MARG Navajyothi Vidyalaya, a residential school, is operational.


The focus areas identified in higher education at MARG Swarnabhoomi are aeronautics, biotechnology, energy management, urban planning, automobile engineering, management, construction, nanotechnology, nursing, maritime, animation and gaming, music and arts, fashion designing, and hospitality.


The vocational training areas planned at MARG Swarnabhoomi are security training, medical laboratory technology, equipment maintenance, civil construction and maintenance technology, consumer and industrial electronics mechanics, computer assembly and maintenance, interior decoration, fashion designing, rural engineering and technology, rural energy and management.


The aim is to train fresh graduates and make them employable. The finishing school concept is to bridge the gap between skill sets produced at universities and skill sets expected in the industries from different sectors like hospitality, marine, retail, etc.