• Insignia


MARG Swarnabhoomi is a unique campus that integrates five basic pillars of life i.e. education, research, innovation, industry and living into a model ecosystem that is people, energy and resource efficient.

Right from the air you breathe to the pristine green ecology to eco-friendly initiatives like solid waste management and rain water harvesting, MARG Swarnabhoomi truly provides standard of life as against standard of living. It stands for soulful dynamism.

Hence, the apt positioning of "The Land of NEW THINKING" for MARG Swarnabhoomi.




In the solar system, our planet earth is the only planet that has 'life' on it. It is different from other planets in the sense that it is vibrant and alive, forever evolving and renewing itself.

The MARG Swarnabhoomi logo is a symbolic repersentation of the solar syatem, dynamic, constantly rotating and revolving with the precious earth as its focus. Emphasis is on its vitality by mixing the colours of life(blue and green) to present a wholesome picture - much like MARG Swarnabhoomi, the land of new thinking - a place that is like no other where fresh ideas and thoughts germinate.