Virginia Tech is one of the most reputed and top-ranked universities from the United States. It is one of the top colleges in university research in the United States. Therefore it was only a matter of time before Virginia Tech expanded its presence in India. Virginia Tech currently offers a master’s in information technology in conjunction with the S.P. Jain Institute, and Virginia Tech researchers have been involved with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in using biotechnology tools to develop pest-resistant eggplant.

After more than three years of research and preparation on the part of a high-level team involving President Charles W. Steger, representatives of several of Virginia Tech’s academic colleges, and John E. Dooley, vice president for Outreach and International Affairs, Virginia Tech–MARG Swarnabhoomi, India, was born.

MARG Swarnabhoomi has been designed to be an aspirational habitat based on the principles of new urbanism, where business, living, and learning will coexist in a stress-free atmosphere.

This initiative fulfills Virginia Tech’s desire to have a credible presence in India with ample land for future growth and proximity to a major metropolitan city. The India campus at MARG Swarnabhoomi will be spread over a minimum of 30 acres, will have a built-in area of 70,000 sq.ft., and will be located at a distance of around 85 km from Chennai, one of India’s major cities.

Virginia Tech will manage the campus and design its academic programs, research facilities, and labs. The university will also promote the new campus as an ideal location for attaining education abroad and will arrange for faculty exchanges. The new campus is expected to become the site of high-tech seminars, workshops, and symposia. The enterprise is expected to draw on Virginia Tech’s research resources such as the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech also will be involved. Graduates with master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Virginia Tech, India, will help fulfill the country’s need for quality faculty members to teach in ever-expanding engineering and science colleges in India.

Virginia Tech–MARG Swarnabhoomi will begin with research programs. Master’s and Ph.D. programs are planned for approximately 300 students in engineering and other science fields, such as the following:

  • Nanoscale science and engineeringg
  • Biotechnology
  • Auto and transportation syste
  • Information technology

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